About TCA Ohio

TCA Ohio is a more than just a volleyball club!

Everything precious in life requires goal setting, discipline, determination, persistence, commitment, and a passion to succeed. It is this relentless pursuit of excellence that makes a TCA athlete different from others.

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We have a full range of volleyball programs and welcome Athletes and Coaches from all schools and clubs Grades 6-12.

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TCA Ohio is currently recruiting to fill all positions ages 12-18
National, American, and Regional Teams
Email or call today with questions!

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Spring is here, the weather is beautiful and that means it is time for Beach Volleyball! TCA Ohio is offering Jr Beach Volleyball training for athletes this Spring and Summer. It is our aim to offer a comprehensive program that will both train the beach game, as well as show a positive transfer to the indoor game.

The schedule for April is below, the fee is $15 per session and can be paid at the door.
Please use the link below to register for a training session
Rule 3 Pickerington, OH
4/17 6-8 pm https://app.getupperhand.com/…/tca…/clinic/beach-clinic-4-17
4/24 6-8 pm https://app.getupperhand.com/…/tca…/clinic/beach-clinic-4-24

Sports Ohio Dublin, OH
4/20 6-8 pm https://app.getupperhand.com/…/tca…/clinic/beach-clinic-4-20
4/27 6-8 pm https://app.getupperhand.com/…/tca…/clinic/beach-clinic-4-27

Starting May 1st (registration opens soon) we will offer a beach volleyball training membership:
$60/month (part time) – 1 time a week / 4 per month
$120/month (full time) – 2 times a week/8 per month
*Membership fees do not include tournament registrations. Each athlete is responsible for registering for tournaments with a partner.

Spring Season Schedule
4/17 thru 6/2 – Evening Practices at Rule 3 (Monday) and Sports Ohio (Thursdays) weather permitting- Times and Dates subject to change based on need
Summer Season Schedule
6/5 thru 7/31 – Morning and afternoon practices at Rule 3 (Monday/ Wednesday) and evening practices at SportsOhio (Thursday) weather permitting. Times and dates subject to change based on need.

TCA Ohio Jr Beach Tournament schedule coming soon!

See you in the sand!